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Cardinal Metal Roofing Pty Ltd is a professional, hands-on, family run business specialising in the supply and installation of metal roofing products in North Queensland.
In addition to roofing services, Cardinal Metal Roofing also provides all aspects of carpentry. 
Cardinal Metal Roofing Pty Ltd commenced trading on 10th June 2004 though existing as a partnership between its current directors since the 5th of November 2002.

Cardinal Metal Roofing Pty Ltd not only embraces the theory of customer satisfaction, but also believes the achievement of customer satisfaction is an essential factor of every task the company undertakes. Our diverse expertise includes Industrial, Commercial and Residential projects, new and re-roofing projects, tender pricing for builders, direct service to the public, metal roofing, wall cladding, roof plumbing as well as carpentry work including timber and steel framing, roof trusses, flooring, walls, exterior cladding and general carpentry.

From the Managing Director

“Our mission is to provide a service with competence and to ensure that the service is delivered to our client’s requirements. We ensure that all standards of workmanship are of a high quality with the appropriate level of industry practice for the class of work concerned. It is our objective to adopt the principles of continuous improvement of our systems involving our staff and working in partnership with our clients to ensure that the highest level of quality is delivered and maintained.Cardinal Metal Roofing Pty Ltd have systems in place that ensure that objectives and targets pertaining to Quality Assurance are regularly reviewed and analysed to ensure that our ongoing commitment to service is maintained at the highest level. Cardinal Metal Roofing Pty Ltd have developed appropriate quality management practices and procedures in accordance with AS/NZS ISO 9001 - 2000 quality standards. This policy assigns a responsibility for quality to all Cardinal Metal Roofing Pty Ltd personnel and will ensure that Cardinal Metal Roofing Pty Ltd continues to provide the highest level of quality to all clients.”

Matt Palka - Managing Director